CGI Scripts - "Guest book"


Below you will find CGI scripts to put a Guest Book on your web site with the author's descriptions for their product and pricing.

BNBBOOK Guest Book Script - Free
"BNBBOOK is the result of your suggestions, and our own experience in dealing with a busy guest book. It is very simple and easy to configure, but probably offers everything you ever wanted in a guestbook. Dirty word filtering, autoresponder and notification, missing tag and quote mark detector, private message, e-mail address merging, IP address capture, user defined required fields, and more."
csGuestbook - $35.00
"Manage one or more guestbooks from one location. Add, Modify, Delete and even View your Guestbook(s) from one easy to understand management screen."
FlexBook - Free
"A flexible guestbook script that uses a user-defined template to guide how entries are added, giving you totally control over the look and feel of the guestbook page. Includes a basic language censor (if wanted), IP address banning (if needed), variable success page, top or bottom entry additions, and more!"
Matt's Script Archive: Guestbook - Free
"Guestbook allows you to set up your own comments page. From there, visitors can add entries to your guestbook and they will be displayed with the most recent at the top and scrolling down or vice versa."
Nether-book - Free
"Nether-book is the first good free Guestbook system on the Internet. It is completely customizable and allows you to have unlimited guestbook entries, unlimited fields for your guests to fill out, and even lets you control the look and feel of your guestbook through online admin."


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