CGI Scripts - "Form Processing"


Below you will find CGI scripts to process forms on your web site with the author's descriptions for their product and pricing.

"Easy to install script that handles an unlimited number of forms. Configured via the html form: direct data to e-mail and/or file, enforce data entry, autorespond with custom message for each form, redirects based on result of script's validation, sequential counter."
csMailto - $35.00
"An automated script that allows the user to build and manage multiple mailto forms within a web site. No more messing around with cumbersome mailto scripts."
ennyForms - Free
"Create your forms, then add the field markers • Any number of forms • Receive feedback, sales inquiries, names & addresses etc. by direct mail • Easily handles large and simple forms"
Matt's Script Archive: FormMail - Free
"FormMail is a generic WWW form to e-mail gateway, which will parse the results of any form and send them to the specified user."
Soupermail - Free
"Soupermail is a free, generic, highly configurable form to email CGI program. Its written in Perl and runs on UNIX and Windows NT based webservers."


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