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Below you will find CGI scripts for having content for your web site with the author's descriptions for their product and pricing.

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News, Headlines

ABCNews Retriever - Free
"ABCNews Retriever will fetch the headlines from and display them with links to their articles on your website. You can choose which headlines to display and which to skip."
BBC News Retriever - Free
"The BBC News retriever is a free Perl script that displays the BBC News headlines on your Web site. The current version can display
topic-based news headlines from the BBC News UK or World service,
e.g. sport, politics, arts, education etc. Foreign language versions
are not supported."
csNews & csNews Professional - $35.00 / $99.00
"Update and maintain news items on your web site with this full-featured and extremely flexible news updating script. We have incorporated our powerful WYSIWYG HTML editor."
Moresuitable - Free
We will give you a Perl script which will fetch such news for you automatically and embed them in your web site seamlessly.
News Grabber - Free
"Newsgrabber is a program that uses the LWP module to grab content off of another website and insert into your webpages using Server Side Includes (SSI)."

Stock Quotes
getstockquote - Free
getstockquote is an embeddable Perl script that fetches stock or mutual fund data from a variety of sources. It's "embeddable" because it was designed to be run from within another HTML framework such as via server-side execs, regular CGI scripts, or PHP (although I've used it on the command line as well).
Anaconda Foundation Weather - $199.00
"With Foundation Weather you can provide your visitors with current and forecasted weather conditions for anywhere in the United States - using one of the friendly, easy-to-understand "look and feels" that we provide - or with a look and feel that matches your own website."
HAMweather - Free

"HAMweather obtains forecasts and other information from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Weather Service (NWS), the National Weather Service's Interactive Weather Information Network (IWIN) and the Environmental Canada."

Weather - $20.00
"Weather allows you to add the option of checking local weather anywhere in the world easily to your website. This script uses the NOAA databases to get up to the hour information on anyplace in the world. This is fully template driven and 100% customizable."


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