CGI Scripts - "Commerce & Financial"


Below you will find CGI scripts for commerce and financial related programs for your web site with the author's descriptions for their product and pricing.

Accounts OnlineTM - $99.95
"The complete e-commerce solution to bring your business online. Accounts Online software features customer database management, flexible billing schedules, online credit cards and e-checks processing, shopping cart and open ended architecture for seamless integration with existing and future software."
AffordaBilly v1.0 - Free
"AffordaBilly is a simple interest loan calculator, similar to "VeryInteresting" but focused on determining how large a loan the user can afford, given an interest rate and length of the loan in years. Users can choose monthly or bi-weekly payments. The results will show the maximum amount of a loan that the user can afford based on the monthly payment and interest rate."
Billing Scripts - $50.00 - $300.00
" compatible Billing modules for credit card processing. There are 4 separate modules, one for membership type sites, one for membership type sites with rebilling option, one for single product sites, one for catalog or multi product sites, and one for password protected file downloads. One of these should be perfect for whatever your processing needs may be."
MLS Lister - $55.00
"MLS Lister is a web based tool to assist realtor's enter housing listings to there web site!"
VeryInteresting - Free
"VeryInteresting is a simple loan calculator. If a user enters a loan amount, an interest rate, the length of a loan, and the payment frequency, the calculator will show the monthly payment and the total interest that will be paid if the loan is paid to term. For monthly payments, it will also show an amortization table."


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